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Dear readers, I am more than happy to present to you the writers of the Journalism Committee 2017-2018! This group of creative, enthusiastic and lovely people will provide you three times a week with blogs about all the different aspects of life in Utrecht as an international. Apart from this, we are also in charge of the Abroad Magazine, the quarterly ESN magazine for all internationals and volunteers in Utrecht. Via the Abroad and the blog we will keep you up to date on all the latest news and hotspots, bring you funny stories and provide you with practical information, so that your exchange in Utrecht will be the best time of your life!



Adriana Correia- This year I am President of the Journalism Committee of ESN, responsible for bringing you great content in this blog! Last year I was also part of ESN, in the Pubquiz Committee, and was in the Project Committe the year before that. When I am not “sciencing”, I am a bookworm and you will always find me with my Kindle. Two of my favorite books are The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, and Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brönte. I also love TV-shows, and this past year one of my favorites was This is Us (highly recommended if you are in need of a soul-cleaning roller-coaster of emotions). 



Marjolein van den Brand – I’m the editor-in-chief of Abroad Magazine, so I’m responsible for that fantastic piece of work you receive four times this year. I can be very enthusiastic about certain topics and I’m always ready to get the next great story, which is why I started my Master’s in Journalism and New Media at Leiden University this year. Once, I was an exchange student myself in Vienna in 2016, so I’d like to give something back to the amazing exchange community. My biggest loves are traveling, food, fashion, writing, Gossip Girl, James Bond and, of course, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.


Schermafbeelding 2017-12-05 om 09.48.05

Robin Martina – Next we have Robin, the lively secretary of the committee! She is our student life expert. Born and raised in Rotterdam, she moved to Utrecht three years ago and has now completed her Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Studies. She also spent some time in exchange, more precisely in Belfast. She is a die-hard fan of Harry-Potter, and I’m not exaggerating: her room even has a secret closet under the stairs where she sometimes goes to and, she swears, closing her eyes hard enough, she is even able to do some magic!




Iris Janssen – Now we have Iris, the PR of our committee. She is sometimes a little shy, but she is fearless! She has been in Utrecht for three and a half years and just finished her Bachelor’s in Corporate Communication. She is now going to start a traineeship in Digital Content Creation, in Amsterdam. She attended a summer school “Cambridge English” in Manchester. Her guilty pleasure: 80’s music, because who can resist a good disco ball?


Schermafbeelding 2017-12-05 om 09.52.02

Lara-Marie Ehmler – Hello there! My name is Lara. I am 20 years old, which makes me the puppy of the Journalism Committee this year. I was born and raised in Frankfurt (Germany) and moved to Utrecht last year to study ‘International Communication and Media’ at the HU. Besides my studies I am working as a Content Marketer for a Start Up in Utrecht. I am absolutely passionate about writing, photography, travelling and exploring new cultures. One of my favourite destinations, however, will remain Australia where I lived and worked for over 8 months, closely followed by New Zealand and Bali. I also consider myself as a serious foodie and coffee addict. Honestly, it feels like I am sponsoring half of the cafés in Utrecht. So stay tuned because I am going to share my secret spots and favourite recipes with you! I am mainly responsible for the layout and design of the Abroad Magazine but, on top of that, I will take you with me to all sorts of exhibitions throughout the Netherlands and show you Utrecht out of the eyes of an International on the ESN blog.



11701080_935944493135357_6079655109671180681_nJelle de Korte – Our one and only gentleman is Jelle, whose birthday is today! He studies Journalism in Utrecht, and, like myself, is not new to the backstage of ESN Utrecht, having been part of the Activities Committee last year. He is a virtuoso saxophone and piano player, and you might just find him at his favorite place, ‘t Oude Pothuys, where he likes to perform at the jam sessions. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and he can’t say no if you invite him for a beer (wink wink).


21317522_167832397124324_3568644734617200129_nBeaudine Pieters – I’m Beaudine, the coordinating Board Member of this committee. I’ll not be writing stories for the Abroad or the blog, but I’ll guide this enthusiastic group of people through the year and together we’ll make it the best year the JoCo has ever seen! Last summer, I traveled through Asia, which was a great experience. Now, I’m trying to help making internationals feel welcome and experience the best time of their life in Utrecht!


We are looking forward to meeting you all and to see you at all the ESN activities! Have a great time in Utrecht and enjoy our posts!

Lots of love, the Journalism Committee


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