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Dear readers, I am more than happy to present to you the writers of the Journalism Committee 2016-2017! This group of creative, enthusiastic and lovely people will provide you three times a week with blogs about all the different aspects of life in Utrecht as an international. Apart from this, we are also in charge of the Abroad Magazine, the quarterly ESN magazine for all internationals and volunteers in Utrecht. Via the Abroad and the blog we will keep you up to date on all the latest news and hotspots, bring you funny stories and provide you with practical information, so that your exchange in Utrecht will be the best time of your life!


Sammy Shawky “Hey everyone, as president of this awesome committee I am proud to present all of the writers to you, but I of course have to explain a little something about myself as well. After coming back from my exchange in Montpellier, an amazing city in the south of France, I wanted to stay in the international scene and so I joined ESN Utrecht! I am a fourth year student in communication and information sciences, who loves travelling, meeting new people and learning about new cultures and languages. I’m obsessed with everything French, love cooking and eating, haha, and I have a passion for writing and journalism, so this committee is perfect for me! Born and raised in Utrecht I am super excited to share what I know about this city with guys, and try to make your exchange the best it can be!”

maaike2 Maaike Aans – “Hola to you all! After having experienced two amazing Erasmus periods abroad, I wanted to keep up the international vibe and decided to apply for a position at ESN. Luckily I got selected to enter the JoCo, which is perfect for me since it combines two of my passions: writing and meeting people from different cultures! Of course this is also reflected in my choice of studies. I’m currently a Master’s student in Intercultural Communication. During my bachelor degree (International Business and Languages) I spent 4 months in the south of France for my study abroad. After this amazing time, I decided to go abroad again, this time to Barcelona to do an internship. I have been living in Utrecht for over 6 years now, so I will try to share all my experiences with you guys through the blogs! Enjoy!”


Farunya Bos “Bonjour! After having joined the Abroad committee for a short while two years ago, I decided to do it right this time as a member of the Journalism committee. This is my fourth year of ESN Utrecht and I just can’t seem to let it go; it’s so much fun to meet up with so many different people, meet new people, get to know different cultures and organize all these activities and events. I am not a student anymore, haven’t been for quite some time, but I still live the student life: if you’re going to Poema on Tuesdays, chances are you’ll find me either hanging around with ESN people or behind the bar, helping out the lovely bartenders of Poema. Besides that I also have a job (or two): I am a part-time new business developer for a small company in Utrecht, have my own company in text/translation works and I do PR and social media stuff for a few organizations in Utrecht. What will I be sharing with you this year? Well, I haven’t set out all of the topics yet, but I’ll make the best out of it!”

evelijnEvelijn Hillebrand “Privjet everyone! For me it’s already my second year at the JoCo. Still I’ve got lots of stuff I want to write about! I’m a history student so I love to read and tell stories. Preferably about Russia, since I also studied there for 4 months, but I will spare you and only write about Utrecht from now on. Besides all this reading I cannot stop talking about food when I discover a delicious recipe and I very much enjoy live music. Studying abroad can also feel like escaping the reality of everyday life and going on your own adventure. Already two years ago I had my own adventure abroad in Sweden and last year in Russia. Now I’d love to show the new students of Utrecht the magical sides of my lovely hometown!”


Kiki van der Meijden – “Hi everyone! I am really happy to be a part of ESN Utrecht. Last year I studied in Madrid and I had the time of my life, partly thanks to the amazing ESN section there. That’s why I am a member of ESN of my own city now! I hope I can make your stay here, together with my committee, even better by giving you the best tips to make most of your international adventure. You might not know this, but we also have an amazing magazine every season. If you are a member of ESN you will get it automatically with the post. I am responsible for the design of the magazine and I love to do it! If you ever have a great topic for us to write about, let us know!”

willeke1Willeke Geertsema – Hi! I’ve been a member of ESN Utrecht for about a year now, ever since I came back from from my exchange in the cute city Dundee in Scotland. I signed up because I realised I really missed the interaction with international people and ESN gave me the opportunity to continue this experience. Last year I was a member of the AC, but this year I will write  for the Journalism Committee. I’m really looking forward to inform you all about things you need to know when you are in Utrecht! I’m also going to be responsible for a monthly video blog, but a different theme every time! Besides ESN I am busy with an internship at a design office and creating my final project, because this year I hope to receive my certificate! I also play football in a team, work as waitress in a restaurant and love to hang out with friends. I’m really excited to show you a bit of my view about some topics that might be interesting to you!”


Vera Janssen – 안녕하세요! (Hello!); even though my exchange semester took me outside of the
Erasmus community all the way to South Korea, I am still excited to be part ofan international community within Utrecht. I love finding cool spots in the city, weird things to share with you or to inform you about all the weird habits we Dutchies tend to have. Besides writing articles I am finishing my thesis in cell biology at University College Utrecht and enjoy drinks in town with friends, good books, red wines, play tennis and tend to have long discussions.”

betti4Betti Csiba “Hi everyone! I’m Betti from Hungary and this is my first time being a member of ESN but I’m super excited about being in the Journalism Committee! As a Master’s student in Utrecht I wanted to make the most of this year and when I figured out about joining JoCo I didn’t hesitate for a second. I love travelling, which is proven by the fact that I haven’t lived in the same country for longer than 2 years since I was 17! Despite all the hopping around between amazing places, Utrecht is pretty high on the list… My other passion besides travelling, languages and writing is dancing so I’ll make sure to discover all the crazy hotspots for dancing in Utrecht and share them with you!”


Melodie Zöllner –
“ERASMUS. That might be a holy word for me. It stands for an amazing journey that I lived to the fullest. Meeting amazing people from all around the world, traveling, blogging, partying, saying yes to everything just because I wanted to make the best out of every single day abroad, I just didn’t want it all to end. So when I found ESN Utrecht, I knew this was my chance to retain a bit of that Erasmus life. After an amazing year as the president of the ESN Utrecht Blog I became a fulltime board member this year in the position of PR Coordinator. As the coordinating board member of the PR Committee and the Journalism Committee it gives me great joy to see this blog and the whole committee evolve, and I can’t wait to see what further surprises they’ll bring this year. Enjoy!”


We are looking forward to meeting you all and to see you at all the ESN activities! Have a great time in Utrecht and enjoy our posts!

Lots of love, the Journalism Committee


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