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Great to see that you are interested in the ESN-Utrecht blog! You’ve probably seen the articles we write and the things we do, and now you might be curious who writes all this.

Well, we do. The Journalism Committee (JoCo) of ESN-Utrecht. With the five of us we write all the content that of this blog, and we have Lindy (at the front) to make sure everything is going according to plan. All of us are creative people and we all write in different styles about topics that interest us. One topic that we all love is traveling, that’s why you will find some more of this. Let’s put some names to some faces and hear what they have to say, from left to right we have: Marije, Naomi, Suzanne, Deborah, Lindy, Gosia and Aerin.

Gosia is our amazing graphic design miracle. She does beautiful things with images, layout and colors. She is working, learning Dutch, playing a lot of squash and tries to be at a lot of ESN events. Sweet as she is, she brings Polish sweets to a lot of our get-togethers.

Our newest member is Aerin and she is a full time international student in Utrecht. She is originally from Austria, but was brought up in the United States and has lived in more than six countries so far. Aerin is always busy exploring new countries and her passion lays in photography. Since she joined out team, she has brought only positive energy and inspiring ideas.

Naomi also only recently became a member of the joco team and is the second Austrian on board. Actually she also grew up in France and Italy, which explains her interest for different cultures and languages. Dancing, art and photography have always been her biggest passions. With her positive mindset, she is a good match to the rest of the team.

Suzanne, or Suus for shorts, could be called our sports reporter. She runs a lot and is always busy doing things. She has been part of ESN for a while now and knows everybody and everything in the organization.

Deborah is our other international asset. She is from Italy, currently studying in Utrecht. Being an Italian, she is a lover of good wines and good food. This is her second exchange and she is currently member of two ESN sections in two different countries (Netherlands and Italy). She is our vlogger/interviewer/movie maker. But she also writes great stories about things that strike her in Dutch culture.

Last but not least, we have Marije. She is the one making sure that everything goes well and according to plan. If given the chance, Marije would always be on the water. She surfs, kayaks and sails for fun. Being around water sometimes makes her a bit philosophical. Her studies in solving world problems makes that she can sometimes be a bit of an activist and be opinionated. She might look sweet, but is not always.

That is the Journalism Committee of 2019/2020! We really hope that you enjoy reading this blog and that it might help you during your exchange. Or if you are reading just for fun that is good too! The blog is updated every week with a new story, tips or anything else we felt like publishing. We are also always looking for more stories, so if you feel like sharing your story as a guest writer just let us know! Send us an email, come to the ESN office or just grab a hold of a board member when you see them.

Have fun browsing through this archive of stories and tips, spinsels of the brain and curiosities.

See ya all!
The Journalism Committee.

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  1. Hi there,

    It’s Elif, I was volunteering on the ESN last year. I would like to send an email about one exhibition (and a piece on the Blog) but I could not find any contact information.

    Could you please let me know?

    Thanks already!


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