Night of Light in Domkerk

Have you ever walked through the centre on a Saturday night and seen people giving out candles and if so, do you know what that was for? Every third Saturday of the month the Night of Light is organised in Utrecht’s beautiful Dom Church. As you walk in, candle lights are twinkling, light music can... Continue Reading →


Thursday May 5th: Liberation Day!

Only a few days left before yet another national festival: May 5th it’s Liberation day in the Netherlands. On this day, we celebrate the liberation of the country and the end of the Second World War. The biggest celebrations are in Wageningen, a small city where the Germans officially surrendered. However, there is enough to... Continue Reading →

How to relive the introduction week

  The introduction week of the second semester just ended and it was epic! It all started off with the introduction day and the tropical introduction party last Saturday, and then four intense days followed from Monday till Thursday, filled with fun activities and parties. As to speak for myself, I could fall into a... Continue Reading →

The tradition of dressed up partying

When you’re in the Netherlands next weekend, you’ll probably wonder why all these people are walking around all dressed up. Well, on the 15th of February the traditional Carnival starts. Do you want to join us Dutchies in three days of partying and dressing up? Then stop what you’re doing at the moment and read... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Dutchie land

It might sound funny to you, but when I was little I was never too excited over the Christmas days (yes, that's plural; the Dutch celebrate first and second day of Christmas on the 25th and 26nd). Like many other Dutch families mine celebrated Sinterklaas with gifts, and opted not to do any gifts for... Continue Reading →

Dutchies on ice

Despite being super Dutch growing up, I never really had a special bond with ice skating. When I was little and it was cold enough we used to go ice skating at the teeny tiny little water next to my house. If that water hadn't frozen over yet, but temperatures were just below zero my... Continue Reading →

Dutch traditions: Sinterklaas

Maybe you’ve already been wondering why all the strange candy such as ‘chocolate letters’ and ‘kruidnoten’ are sold in the stores since a few weeks. Well, that’s all part of the preparation for the typical Dutch tradition on December 5th called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas and his so called ‘Zwarte Pieten’ will arrive Sunday November 16th. The video above gives you a... Continue Reading →

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