How to cook the real Dutch Boerenkool stamppot

By Anna de Haan, Writer Have you heard about or perhaps already tried the typical winter dish Boerenkool but you have no idea on how to cook it at home? ESN has the secret recipe to cook the old-Dutch Boerenkool that will get you through the cold winter months! The other good news? It’s not... Continue Reading →

Were you there? These were the greatest moments of the Mentor Week

What a week! From 11th to 14th of September, new internationals in Utrecht had a chance to participate in the Mentor Week, when they join two mentors and a group of other internationals to partake in several fun activities throughout the week. Since different groups did different things in different days, and the rain was... Continue Reading →

Get down and celebrate… Carnaval!

Although the biggest cities in the Netherlands are located above the large rivers, the best parties are to be found below the rivers once Carnaval knocks on our doors! Carnaval is a festival of 4 tot 5 days and revolves around dressing up, drinking beer and dancing the polonaise with all your friends and family.... Continue Reading →

All Hail the King!!

I hope orange is your color, because Holland is getting ready for one of the most popular Dutch festivities of the year: King’s Day!!! On the 27th of April the country turns orange and everyone goes out to celebrate the birthday of our king, Willem-Alexander. Before Willem-Alexander became king, this national holiday was known as... Continue Reading →

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