Best ways to learn Dutch

By Babette Vanlancker, Writer Learning a new language from scratch as an adult is not always easy. For some, learning Dutch may be quite difficult given that some of the sounds aren’t common in other languages. However, luckily, there are several ways in which you can learn this new language during your stay in Utrecht! Just... Continue Reading →

Top 10 tips to help you ease exam-stress

If you take studying at least a little seriously, these past weeks haven’t been the most fun for you. Whether you’re a born planner or leave everything to the last minute, exam-related anxiety has found you and made you lose sleep/your temper/your mind. Hopefully, the following tips will be helpful for the final push before... Continue Reading →

How to optimize your study breaks?

We already arrived in the last weeks of the first semester! You might already be preparing to leave our lovely city to return back home or fantasizing what your next semester in Utrecht might bring.. --- But first: final exams and papers!!    --- The university libraries are packed from 9 o’clock on, students are stressing,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Study Spots in Utrecht

Besides all the great ESN activities and parties (and the Dutch events), you are all here for another purpose: studying. Everybody knows the university libraries at the Uithof or the Drift, but with the exam week coming up, you’ll have to get up really early to find yourself a study spot. Even more so, the... Continue Reading →

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