De Thai: Restaurant Review

By Babette Vanlancker, Writer Located on De Oudegracht in Utrecht, there’s a cute Thai restaurant called De Thai. I went there on a Friday with a friend for a belated birthday celebration. We both really like Thai food, so we went on a little hunt on Google to find the places with the best reviews.... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s day in Utrecht: the most romantic restaurants!

Ooh yes, the most romantic day of the year is approaching: Valentine’s day! You either love it or hate it. Some people think this day is a way too commercialized circus. And, admitted, it kind of is. However, it is also a great excuse to put your special someone in the spotlight for once, and... Continue Reading →

Found food

While I was drinking a cup of chamomile-lavender tea at the lovely place ‘de Ontdekking’ [Voorstraat 110, Utrecht], a friend of mine told me about her Master thesis research. She studied Anthropology and is now doing research about food waste. To be more specific, about the phenomenon ‘dumpster divers’. Probably the image of a homeless... Continue Reading →

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