Utrecht’s hidden gems ~ Voorstraat

A new city means finding new interesting spots, doesn’t it? At least that’s the thought I had when I was abroad. In this new rubric I’m welcoming you to Utrecht's hidden gems, which are not visible if you don’t know the city that well. Started by one of my favourite streets: The Voorstraat. I love... Continue Reading →

The top 5 places to go dancing in Utrecht

For most students, every start of a new semester is somewhat overwhelming and just crazy busy, the current one being no different. However, sometimes you just need to blow off some steam and have a great night out dancing. Now, Utrecht is no Amsterdam with its fancy clubs but it still offers quite a few... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk music op z’n Nederlands!

After having spent a few months in the Netherlands, you probably know some Dutch musicians by now, especially if you listen to Dutch radio every now and then. Even though most of the big names sing in English, there are some that produce amazing music in Dutch. This article will present some of those artists... Continue Reading →

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