How to drink like a Dutchie

Coming from a different country requires lots of adjustment: the teaching style is different, the weather isn’t the same at home, and the food is not what your mum used to make back home. On top of that, you can’t hit your favourite bar with your usual friends! Thanks to a lovely phenomenon called globalisation,... Continue Reading →

A very big welcome to you

With this first post we officially open the floor for the JoCo 2016-2017, otherwise known as the Journalism Committee! We are the committee that will help you make the most out of your exchange period by offering a number of blogs per week on all different kinds of topics ranging from upcoming events, the history of Utrecht, Dutch cuisine, our travels, places to go, guidelines... Continue Reading →

6 tips to being a good roommate

If you just arrived here in Utrecht then you might be one of those that never had to share a living space with some “stranger”. Even if you already are a full-time professional when it comes to being a roommate, there is always room for improvement. So here is list with tips to being a... Continue Reading →

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