The unraveling of 6 typical Dutch words (which don’t exist in English)

How many times have you heard people talking Dutch to each other, without having any idea what they are talking about? Probably one of the reasons why you didn’t understand anything is because the Dutch use a lot of words which don’t exist in English. After reading this article, you will know the meaning of... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Blooper – Emmelie: Laughing like a farmer with a tooth ache

Ever heard this expression before? It refers to when someone is laughing sourly, like when you kind of laugh along with other people laughing, while really you don’t have a reason to laugh at all. It is like what Emmelie did, when she told me the story of the massive bruises that covered her leg... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Bloopers: Kick off

“Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle...” You all know this famous song from Queen. You would almost think that this band grew up in the Netherlands. Because everywhere you look in this country you see bikes, bikes, bikes. So I hope by now you all own one of those precious two-wheelers. They will be your right... Continue Reading →

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