Celebrating Kingsday

Every country has its own national holiday(s). In the Netherlands, we have King’s Day, or in Dutch: Koningsdag. It is a big celebration and the whole country joins. If you’re an international, it’s quite an experience. If you also want to celebrate Koningsdag (which you should!), read this article to be prepared. What is Koningsdag?... Continue Reading →

What’s up with this no-curtain policy in Dutch homes?

You might have noticed, while strolling through the city streets at dusk, that many Dutch homes leave their entire interior open for the passer-by to admire. Depending on the type of neighbourhood you’re in, you might find that the Dutch either don’t own curtains or don’t pull them in front of their windows, allowing you... Continue Reading →

Get to know our typical Dutch traditions!

After at least 5 hilarious moments with international friends about some typical Dutch things I realised we are not as normal as we think we are. Dutch people are known to be relaxed and direct. And of course about the fact that we shamelessly try to save money in every situation. But besides these characterial things we have many other traditions.

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