Cycling Tips

By Emmi Beuger, Editor in Chief Many students coming to study in the Netherlands have little experience with cycling, or at least cycling as much as Dutch people do! My hometown was too hilly for cycling, so I did not cycle at all before coming here. In my couple months, I have become hooked on... Continue Reading →


10 things you shouldn’t forget when in the Netherlands – Part II

After the first part of essential information for newbies in the Netherlands, here’s another 5 tips on how to have a smooth start for your time abroad! Dutch SIM-card – It might not be essential for you, but having a Dutch top-up SIM card goes a long way, especially if you already made friends here... Continue Reading →

Cycle proficiency level: over 9,000

After having spent an almost complete semester (and maybe even two) here in Utrecht, surely you know how to ride a bike. Handbrakes, back paddle breaks, small saddles, comfortable ones or big ones: you've seen them all and you master them all. Are you ready to take your cycle skills to the next level? Check... Continue Reading →

Vintage and second hand shops in Utrecht

My wallet and I really love the increasing amount of vintage and second hand shops. It forms the perfect combination of budget shopping and finding original items. Utrecht has countless vintage and second hand shops all over town. For this blog I made a little shopping route through the city center along six different ones.... Continue Reading →

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