Cycling Tips

By Emmi Beuger, Editor in Chief Many students coming to study in the Netherlands have little experience with cycling, or at least cycling as much as Dutch people do! My hometown was too hilly for cycling, so I did not cycle at all before coming here. In my couple months, I have become hooked on... Continue Reading →


Your first month in Utrecht

In these first days of autumn, the majority of you faithful readers has been in this lovely city of Ultraiectum ad Rhenum (Utrecht for the friends) already since a month. Yep, hard to believe, but you came here and it was summer, and for some cruel yearly joke, now it’s the next colder season and you... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Bloopers: Kick off

“Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle...” You all know this famous song from Queen. You would almost think that this band grew up in the Netherlands. Because everywhere you look in this country you see bikes, bikes, bikes. So I hope by now you all own one of those precious two-wheelers. They will be your right... Continue Reading →

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