And the cheapest supermarket in Utrecht is…

We all want to spend the least amount of money possible while we do our grocery shopping, right? But it is not always the easiest task. You are bounded by what are the closest supermarkets, prices change all the time, and just one supermarket might have some products that are cheaper and some that are... Continue Reading →

Top 10 budgeting tips when you live abroad

Spending responsibly is a challenge for every student, and it is increasingly so when you live abroad in a country with different habits, stores and price levels. If this is your first time living alone, it might be even more challenging to take care of your finances. Here we have the top 10 budgeting tips... Continue Reading →

The stages of culture shock

Culture shock - it was probably one of the first things your teachers talked about when you arrived in the country where you will spend your semester abroad. It has four different stages, all with a accompanying mood; the honeymoon stage, just after you arrive, where everything is awesome; the stage of withdrawal, where you... Continue Reading →

Utrecht for newbies

  This blog story is especially written for all the new incoming international students this semester. But it is also full of funny recognizable items for students who already spent some time here. A while ago you decided to go on exchange in Utrecht. A good choice of course, since this city is an underestimated... Continue Reading →

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