ESN VIDEOBLOG#2 Allie’s experience abroad

This video is made by Allison Young, who is studying abroad here in Utrecht. Since the start of the semester, she’s been part of a mentor group which did a lot of cool stuff together in and around Utrecht. Allison is studying media and has always enjoyed editing and watching videos. The JoCo asked Allie what her motivation was for making this video..

Allison: ‘Making a video was a good way  to really think about what the impactful moments were for me. I knew that time was going to go by fast here and that I would cherish having something so visual and personal to reflect on back home. It’s also a great way to show my family and friends what I’ve been up to since being abroad.’

Don’t wait to watch this amazing video of Allie’s experience!

Want so see more of Allie? A new video: Utrecht: part 2 is coming up soon at her channel!

Video by: Allison Young


ESN VIDEOBLOG#1 – Back to your Exchange Town!

The time has come, you’re going back to your hometown. The first months will be fully planned with visits to friends, family and al that stuff, but after these months, everyone will be homesick to your exchange town. You create so many memories together with your Erasmus friends and can even cry about the fact you never will walk the ever during way to uni. The best thing you can do is visit your Exchange town after a while to relive your greatest memories. In this video I blogged about my return to the city of my Exchange: Dundee, a small city in the beautiful Scotland. I’ll hope you will be inspired to do the same!

SOS suitcase

By now, the semester is really, really coming to an end. Besides being sad it’s almost over and trying to do as many things still left on your Dutch bucket list as possible, you might also have some practical issues: What to do with all the stuff you can’t take back home? Well, we have just the right solutions for you!

Sell it

Of course, being able to sell all your leftover clothing and furniture is the preferable option. This way you can get back some of the money you spent on it, which is always great! One possible way to sell your stuff is by putting them on the Facebook page called Student Market Place. There is a lot of competition there however, especially around this time when many people are leaving. You could also try Marktplaats (in Dutch), the Dutch version of E-bay and a favourite site of many Dutchies.

06-20-muur van koffers

Mail it             

If you really can’t fit any more shirts in your suitcase, but you really want to take everything with you to your home country, you can mail it to your home address. This will cost you some money though, but it is possible. Try for example DHL for online services, or go to a Post NL service desk (there is one for example in Hoog Catherijne, near the Albert Heijn). Prices differ depending on distance and weight, but using the mail you could take with you those few last items!

Donate it

If the above options don’t work and you can’t find any destination for your stuff, you can always donate it. There are many charitable organisations operating all around the world with offices in Utrecht. Think for example of the Salvation Army, that has big green containers all around the city in which you can deposit your donation. The Army sorts the clothing and then sells it for a very low price to people in need, or gives it to refugees for free.  You can give your furniture to the Kringloopwinkel, located at Hoogravenseweg 69, or post a message on the Facebook page Ik geef weg.

Another organisation that uses green containers is the Red Cross: the Sympany department also collect clothes and shoes. Sympany sells it to the Red Cross for a few cents per kilo and invests this money in projects in Africa. Besides these two big organisations, there are many more small ones helping people in need on a local level – and they are all equally happy with your leftover textiles!

06-20-Kleding oprollen


It is quite easy to find tips and tricks online to pack your suitcase more economically. One of the best known tricks is perhaps to roll up your clothing instead of folding them. Well, it is worth a try! Check out this video for example to get you started.

Hopefully we have inspired you not to throw away the stuff you can’t take with you, because throwing away good stuff is always a shame – especially with so many other options. And in case none of the above work, you can always send a plea for help to your parents/boy- or girlfriend/bestie to come get you with an extra suitcase!


by Tessa Vermeir

Reminiscing to the introduction week

It feels as if it was only yesterday that I was stationed at Utrecht Centraal, armed with an ESN flag, a list of subscriptions and a chai latte. Mathilde and I were doing our shifts for the pick up service; We had colleagues stationed at Schiphol to guide the newly arrived international students to the train to Utrecht, we were at Utrecht guiding the students to the bus to the key pick-up location and from there onwards ESN has vans ready to drop the students off at their new front door.

All these new faces that hesitantly shuffled through the cold, drafty train station during our Pick-Up Service have become so much more familiar already, especially because of our introduction day and introduction week (both of which are organized by our introduction committee, bravo!). By posting this video I give you the chance to go back to that feeling you had 2 or 3 weeks ago, I hope you like it!



All video credits to Laurens Ippel and Isabeau van Halm!

Introduction party: ESNsation white!

Oh, how ESN Utrecht welcomed all the new students! After a fun filled introduction day (including e.g. a boat trip, a city walk, and a game of pool) we all gathered up for the introduction party, down below on the wharf by the historic canal. But you know, an image says more than a thousand words, so without further ado, I present to you: the video of the introduction party!

Let’s get this semester STARTED ! ! !


Glitter, glamour and ESN at the gala!

I know unfortunately only few of you managed to get your hands on one of these tickets, as there was limited space. It was the closing night of the Western European Platform (WEP), meaning that all of our foreign (and Dutch) guests – who are active (board) members at their own section – were about to depart and so their minds were set: it was going to be a night to remember!

A gala is a classic ending of a WEP, but this one was unique in its flair and elegance. With a citycastle for location, a bigband for entertainment, and guests dressed to the nines it was the perfect setting for the perfect night. But there is only so much I can say with words, so why don’t you see for yourself!

By Laurens


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