3 Amazing People You Would Like to be Familiar With

The influence of people around you as well as more famous ones are skyrocketing. We are easier to be reached than ever before. In the days of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and many more, we can bump into something interesting, outrageous or even life changing. Luckily, we are also easy to get valuable knowledge and... Continue Reading →


Barbecue in the Park!

Now that the days are longer and warmer, it is time for one of the favorite activities of the Dutchies, which is not else than having a barbecue in the park. Friends and family get together at the end of the afternoon, torch up a portable or disposable barbecue, sit around on some towels, open... Continue Reading →

How To Be an Unusual Erasmus Student

 1. Don’t be afraid to stand out. When you get to know each other with your fellow exchange students, everyone is going through the same process. You don’t know others, you are afraid to show yourself, so you would try to fit in by doing the same things as everyone else. Feel free to do the... Continue Reading →

The Revolution of Travelling

Do you have a friend, who you keep spotting on Facebook or Instagram travelling somewhere around the globe, and you wonder how they are just doing it? The answer is simple. In people’s perception travelling, and especially taking a flight, is equal to an expensive investment to a place far beyond home. But this trend... Continue Reading →

Word Wars – Beautiful Online World

Did you ever have that feeling, when you went on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any social media, that people hate each other when it comes to different opinions? In the 21st century, this amazing phenomenon appeared to show how much people got closer to each other courtesy of the aforementioned platforms. It can be any... Continue Reading →

A Snobby Australian Guide to Coffee in Utrecht

Coming to Europe is a dream for many Australians. The continent is overflowing with sights, culture and nightlife. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous old cities that are only a short train ride apart. But, unfortunately, Europe is lagging behind on one very important thing: coffee. Australians are notoriously snobby about their coffee. Our... Continue Reading →

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