The most useless things to know

Written by Marije There is almost endless knowledge in the world and everyone can access this knowledge through internet, newspapers, films and socialization. This is actually pretty amazing and a lot of the information provided is useful. But there is also a lot of knowledge out there that makes absolutely no sense and is absolutely... Continue Reading →

Social inclusion in Utrecht: become a buddy!

For ESN, the past two weeks were all about social inclusion. There are many different ways in which you can help other people in Utrecht to eventually create a more inclusive society together. One way is to become a buddy of someone in need in Utrecht. There are a lot of different buddy projects with... Continue Reading →

Old Saws of the Dutchies

By Elif Özer, Writer Idioms are stereotyped phrases. When idioms are translated into their dictionary meaning, the words have different meaning than the old saw (the saying and its wisdom). Even if we use idioms in daily life without even thinking about them, these can have funny meanings and stories in them. Learning idioms in... Continue Reading →

Go Review Your Classes

By Anca Negulescu, Writer How do you pick a restaurant when traveling? Do you seek to learn what other employees - former or current - think of the position when searching for a new job? How do you choose between two similar products before placing an order? All these decisions likely have something in common:... Continue Reading →

Word Wars – Beautiful Online World

Did you ever have that feeling, when you went on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any social media, that people hate each other when it comes to different opinions? In the 21st century, this amazing phenomenon appeared to show how much people got closer to each other courtesy of the aforementioned platforms. It can be any... Continue Reading →

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