A Snobby Australian Guide to Coffee in Utrecht

Coming to Europe is a dream for many Australians. The continent is overflowing with sights, culture and nightlife. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous old cities that are only a short train ride apart. But, unfortunately, Europe is lagging behind on one very important thing: coffee. Australians are notoriously snobby about their coffee. Our... Continue Reading →


Delicious Savoury Pumpkin Soup

Whatever time of the year - you can never go wrong with pumpkin soup! This recipe is not only completely fool-proof but also healthy and cheap. What else could you ask for?!

What Makes Us Who We Are

Do you know that feeling, when you are trying to fit in a group? This group can be one you just got into, new university, new workplace, or, of course, your exchange semester. For an honest, loud and unusual person like me, this situation used to be a challenging one. Throughout the years I have... Continue Reading →

Day Trip: Kasteel De Haar

As we enter this weekend with the prospect of cold temperatures and gloomy skies, it’s reassuring to know that spring is just around the corner. When I first came to The Netherlands in August, I was enchanted by the crowds of people lapping up the evening sun on every green space available; sharing a meal... Continue Reading →

Housing Situation in Utrecht

When I arrived in Utrecht in 2015, I must say that I was very lucky with my housing situation. I was able to nail a "reserved accommodation" room from SSH, which is part of a limited amount of furnished rooms that the University books for their international students. I booked it in April, to start... Continue Reading →

Gym De Workout

Staying in shape as a student can be difficult. Most gym memberships are expensive and most of the time the weather in the Netherlands is too rainy to enjoy a run. Thankfully, we found you a gym with a student discount and a lot of possibilities to stay in shape: De Workout! De Workout is... Continue Reading →

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