5 types of international students you’ll meet during your time abroad

Spending a semester abroad is one of the best things you can do in your life. You’ll see and do a lot of new, fun things and you’ll make friends from all over the world. The ‘abroad experience’ is different in every country and in every city. Nonetheless, there are always a few very recognizable... Continue Reading →


How to capture, share and remember your stay abroad

Studying abroad can be seen as synonym for ‘making memories of a lifetime’. Everyday a new adventure, a new story, a new memory - How are you supposed to capture & remember all of it?

Goodbye Memory Ideas

Cheerio My 'Dutch' Family It is now the final week of Erasmus before SSH kicks us all out ready for our summer take over students. Many have already returned home and tears are being shared among those who remain. What follows are some suggestions towards your Erasmus memories! Dutch Flag In England, and perhaps other... Continue Reading →

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