Time for a little WorkOut

With the introduction being over and the fact that you getting pretty settled in this new city, it is time to find a place to keep up your strengths. The lifestyle of an exchange students takes a toll on your fitness and health. Party here, party there, lots of social activities and of course the... Continue Reading →

Going Green on a budget

By Deborah Every little action counts, no matter how small it is. We are living in a world that is telling us that we have been doing for the past decades has been wrong in too many ways and we need to stop as soon as possible. Being more eco-friendly is the first step towards... Continue Reading →

Let’s start running!

By Suzanne van Oss  With long days of cramming in the library, trying to stay awake in lectures or sitting behind your desk at your internship, it is important to find a way to clear your head and get rid of some energy. Going for a run is one of the easiest, accessible, flexible and... Continue Reading →


By Elif Özer, Writer Let’s think our life as a series of scales.  One side of the scales has our demands such as assignments, deadlines, internship, part-time jobs, exams, and crucial decisions regarding our future and career path. Shortly, craziness! On the other side of the scales, we have resources that make us strong, happy, and... Continue Reading →

Sitting All Day: 5 Health Tips

When you are a student, your basic position is sitting. While you are working, you are either in class, studying, or doing some group work. If this wouldn't be enough, you are probably sitting during your free time as well: while you have coffee, beer or dinner with your friends, or while you are doing... Continue Reading →

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