5 tips to cure homesickness

Moving anywhere on your own is always daunting, especially if it’s your first time. If this is you, you probably have many unanswered questions. Can I live on microwave meals? Will I make friends in my new town? Will I survive on the roads between the cars and bleeping cyclists? The answer is yes! If... Continue Reading →


Interview to Yola Chue, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

This is Yola Chue, 20 years old Politics exchange student from “The Chinese University” of Hong Kong and special guest of the ESN Blog semester’s first interview. She has been so kind to release us this interview and we are really glad to discover through her words something new about Hong Kong and everything that... Continue Reading →


“Eeer.. Guys..? I would really like to get SocialErasmus..!” It was last June or July and I was with my new board (the board of ESN the Netherlands) in a student’s living room in Tuinwijk. Scattered on the coffee table were a couple dozen post-its and half finished cups of tea. That weekend we had... Continue Reading →

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