The municipal elections: use your right to vote!

What? I'm talking about the elections for the municipal councils in the Netherlands. They take place every four years and the next elections will be on Wednesday the 21st of March. On this day, people will vote for there favourite political party. We have quite an amount of parties. Each of these has their own... Continue Reading →


How to pronounce the Dutch ‘g’ sound?

Gouda? Gezellig? What is this strange sound that the Dutch use for their letter “g”? I have been intrigued by this for a while now, so I went to talk with Fonetics and Fonology professor Hugo Quéne to figure that out! “So, first of all, us foneticians, when we talk about sound, we don’t use... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Traditional Dutch Pancakes

Have you already tried the Dutch pancake? This whole-pan size pancake is much thinner than the traditional American pancakes (but not as thin as the French crepes) and tastes amazing! You can use both sweet and savory toppings to make your Dutch pancakes even more delicious. Buy the following cheap ingredients for the batter (2-3... Continue Reading →

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