Icy Intro day: “I hope we will be friends for the whole semester”

The Introduction Day was a very special one this semester. It was the first Introduction Day in years with snow! Of course it was cold, but didn't Utrecht resemble a beautiful town from a fairy tale? The view from the Dom Tower #esnintro2017 Internationals about this special day “The time really flew by today, because... Continue Reading →


The Gala that turned into Winter Wonderland

The ESN Gala... What a night! All the students underwent a major transformation. It was hard to recognize everybody in their fancy outfits. But God, how amazing everyone looked. And how cute was the snow (but only when you could stay inside). We hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as we did. The JoCo... Continue Reading →

An ESN special: the Party Committee

Last Tuesday it was time for yet another ESN International Night at Club Poema. And not just any international night; it was the last chance to celebrate our favorite autumn holiday during the Halloween Special. So the Party Committee took over Poema again, this time in their scariest masks and costumes. We thought it was time to have a little interview with the president of the PaCo, Lamia Soussi.

A very big welcome to you

With this first post we officially open the floor for the JoCo 2016-2017, otherwise known as the Journalism Committee! We are the committee that will help you make the most out of your exchange period by offering a number of blogs per week on all different kinds of topics ranging from upcoming events, the history of Utrecht, Dutch cuisine, our travels, places to go, guidelines... Continue Reading →

See you next year!

Last week we have enjoyed the very last ESN activities of the year, and now slowly everyone is packing their suitcases to travel back home or to some amazing country to enjoy the summer holidays. Of course this means that we, the Journalism Committee, are going to enjoy our well-deserved summer break as well. But don't... Continue Reading →

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