Where to take your Date in Spring Season?

Spring is mating season! The hormones start flowing and people are outside more often wearing less and less clothing. Utrecht is one of the joyful places to be when the sun is out, the canals get a softer vibe, the blooming trees brighten up the city and terraces crowd full. This means that it is... Continue Reading →


Chocolate Heaven – how to bake your own Arretjescake! (no oven needed)

It happens to the best of us, wanting to use all your creativity for a baking session when you suddenly remember that your student home is devoid of an oven or you find that your housemates have claimed it all day long to heat their frozen pizza’s. Then, and more so because it is extremely... Continue Reading →

Get down and celebrate… Carnaval!

Although the biggest cities in the Netherlands are located above the large rivers, the best parties are to be found below the rivers once Carnaval knocks on our doors! Carnaval is a festival of 4 tot 5 days and revolves around dressing up, drinking beer and dancing the polonaise with all your friends and family.... Continue Reading →

On tour in Utrecht: Overvecht

Another one of the series is up, and this week it revolves around Overvecht! Overvecht is located in Utrecht North and you get there by biking about ten minutes next to the Oudegracht until you reach Overvecht Train Station. Overvecht Overvecht is known for its large variety of cultures and collection of people. Ages all... Continue Reading →

On tour in Utrecht: Wittevrouwen

Which parts of Utrecht have you seen? Besides the city centre, Utrecht has numerous nice areas to visit and look around in. These are the little neighbourhoods surrounding the city centre but there are also some  further away where cheap groceries, amazing bars or that perfect ice cream are to be found. This upcoming blog... Continue Reading →

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