All the Dutch are deleting their Facebook accounts! (are they..?)

I love Facebook, but also kind of hate it at the same time. And I know a lot of people feel the same way. It’s crazy how much time I spend on my phone looking at bullshit on Facebook. It often occurs to me that I should stop, but I know myself and how hard... Continue Reading →

May 4 & 5: Remembering and celebrating

4th of May On the fourth of May, the Dutch were officially liberated from Nazi Germany. This has become the national Remembrance Day for the Netherlands. We have a two-minute silence to commemorate all civilians and armed forces, who died during World War II. In every city, mostly on big squares, the Dutch come together... Continue Reading →

A letter to a thief

Dear miserable and pathetic thief Why do you bring me so much pain and grief I’m writing you this letter It might give some relieve Even though you don’t care Because you don’t have any feels I had it safe, I had it locked And yet you have me sad and shocked Because you mugged... Continue Reading →

The Utmost Importance: Football

By Jelle de Korte The Dutch care a great deal about certain things. We love democracy, tolerance, bicycles and cheese but most of all: we love football. Not the crazy hand-egg game in the United States. I am talking about REAL football! Not soccer. Football! If you want to understand Dutch culture to its core... Continue Reading →

The friend I miss the most

Door Jelle de Korte When I moved from Middelburg (A town in the provence of Zeeland) to Utrecht a couple of years ago, I was very excited. I just could not wait to have my own place and start a new life in a vibrant city like my beloved Utrecht. My mother asked me if... Continue Reading →

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