Losing your bike in the Netherlands

When you move to another country the first step to integrate into a new culture is to get used to different habits and behaviours. When you move to the Netherlands you can't ignore the fact that everyone has got a bike. Just like the majority of international students I also wasn't used to this kind... Continue Reading →


The exams are coming

The exams are coming and because of that ESN Utrecht wants to show unconditional support to every student. But what is the week, the day, the night before an exam like? There are many factors that contribute to your exam preparation. How much you've studied, first of all, but also your relationship with the professor,... Continue Reading →

The tunnel of colours

Spring is finally arriving in Utrecht, so what's better than going for a walk in the city centre? If you are already familiar with the beauty of the Domtoren and the canals of the Oudegracht, and you are looking for something different, the Ganzenmarkt tunnel is the place where you should go. It is also... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

Hi guys, how did you celebrate your Easter this year? Personally it was the first time that I have celebrated Easter away from home. I can't deny that I was a little bit afraid of that. I was wondering how much I would miss the huge chocolate eggs that my grandpa bought for me every year,... Continue Reading →

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