Survive your internship with these 5 tips

A long, long time ago, the grass was still green and the skies were still blue. Studying just meant sleeping in and chilling and you had no idea what it would be like to do an internship. Well now you know, and you wish you never did. And although internships can be hard, especially in... Continue Reading →

JoCo’s favorites: Where to get a good haircut in Utrecht

We all have that moment when we look at ourselves in the mirror and just can’t get anything done with our hair that is satisfactory. For girls it’s just another day you’re glad someone invented the hair tie and guys turn around and shrug it off or grab a cap to cover their out-of-bed look.... Continue Reading →

How to prepare for a gala

“Shall I wear a long dress or a short one?”, “Is this the right colour on me?”, “How am I supposed to get a tuxedo somewhere?”. When a gala or prom is approaching, these are the kind of questions that run through everybody’s mind. Preparing for a gala, like the ESN gala which is coming... Continue Reading →

Online shopping in the Netherlands

Don’t even try denying because we know everybody does it. Men and women of all ages have embraced the gift, or burden, of online shopping. Whether you do it during college hours, when you are bored on the train or when you’ve had a really bad day, everyone sometimes enjoys a little shopping spree without... Continue Reading →

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