Explore Europe this spring

When you are on exchange, it is the perfect moment to go visit some European cities. If you’re from overseas this was probably already on your agenda, but also when you’re from Europe spring is a nice moment to explore some more of the continent or a pay visit to your favorite city again. How... Continue Reading →


6 important steps to take if you want to stay in the Netherlands

When I first arrived here―to stay for a longer period―I had so many paperwork to do and things to handle that sometimes it felt like they would never stop. Now after almost 4 years, paperwork and planning became my middle name, so here I share the … steps you need to take if you want... Continue Reading →

6 tips to being a good roommate

If you just arrived here in Utrecht then you might be one of those that never had to share a living space with some “stranger”. Even if you already are a full-time professional when it comes to being a roommate, there is always room for improvement. So here is list with tips to being a... Continue Reading →

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