Comfort Zones are Overrated: night trip to the strip club

  I’ve been living some years here in Holland and I noticed that this place has a tendency to make someone very open-minded. I was never against the idea of going to a strip club before moving here, but I never thought that there will come one where I would invite some girl to join... Continue Reading →

Holland’s hidden treasures

You got to love Utrecht. But the Netherlands treasures many beautiful cities. ESN Utrecht organized a lot of city trips but besides that, we want to reveal some undiscovered and unknown spots in three different Dutch cities. Amsterdam I will start with one of my own favorite spots in Amsterdam: the IJhallen. This is the biggest flea market... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Bloopers: Kick off

“Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle...” You all know this famous song from Queen. You would almost think that this band grew up in the Netherlands. Because everywhere you look in this country you see bikes, bikes, bikes. So I hope by now you all own one of those precious two-wheelers. They will be your right... Continue Reading →

And we danced…the polonaise

Source Those of you who were a part of the recent ESN introduction week will have witnessed the polonaise; a funny-looking dance Dutch people tend to perform when they have a reason to celebrate and are slightly intoxicated. For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon I would like to elaborate a... Continue Reading →

ESN 25th anniversary

Yesterday I attended the national ESN alumni day which took place here in Utrecht. ESN volunteers from way back attended this great activity. We spend the day reminiscing about the good old days and we exchanged experiences regarding the so called ‘black hole’ after a turbulent ESN board year. The Alumni Committee didn’t just randomly... Continue Reading →

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