Biking 101

‘How do you stay pretty whilst cycling, or after you’ve stepped off your bike?’ I’ve heard this question so many times, solely asked by internationals. And this is the day I, a real Dutch-bike-girl, will give you the answer. After reading this blogpost, you’ll know exactly how Dutch girls manage to keep their hair, make-up... Continue Reading →

Visit Arnhem!

I bet you want to explore more Dutch cities, so today I’ll introduce you to one of my favorites: Arnhem. Growing up in a small town near Arnhem, I have been visiting this city ever since I was a little girl. Arnhem isn’t a typical student- or tourist city, but there are many young folks... Continue Reading →

How to date a Dutch girl

So you’ve been in the Netherlands for a while now. And you must have noticed all the pretty and awesome Dutch girls! Whether an ESN volunteer or just someone you met in Tivoli, the Albert Heijn or somewhere else. I guess you also noticed that Dutchies might be a little different from the girls where... Continue Reading →

Winkel van Sinkel

When you’re biking or walking through Utrecht, you can’t fail to notice all the amazing buildings which reflect so many different architectural styles. Did you know that the houses on the Oudegracht all have 17th century facades, but the houses themselves are actually much older, even medieval? The Oudegracht is a great place to start... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Study Spots in Utrecht

Besides all the great ESN activities and parties (and the Dutch events), you are all here for another purpose: studying. Everybody knows the university libraries at the Uithof or the Drift, but with the exam week coming up, you’ll have to get up really early to find yourself a study spot. Even more so, the... Continue Reading →

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