How to maintain a long distance relationship with a Dutchie?

A lot of internationals have to deal with the struggle of a long distance relationship when they've returned home after their Erasmus, whether it's with a lover or good friends abroad. The JoCo is providing you with some tips to overcome the troubles of long distance relationships and friendships.

Hangover Heaven: The best food in town!

Feeling miserable after a hard night of partying? Whether you've been down south to celebrate carnaval, or just had a fun night in Utrecht, check out these tips where to get the best hangover food to save you from that horrible feeling! What is your favorite place for an ultimate hangover brunch in Utrecht? Let us know below in the comments!

Delicious Dutch Winter recipes

Italy? Pizza! France? Fromage! Spain? Tapas! The Netherlands? No clue, right? Even though most Dutchies really enjoy a good meal, we are not very famous for our Dutch cuisine. We mainly eat potatoes, a slice of meat and some veggies on the side. Although this is partially true, we want to introduce you to some... Continue Reading →

Movienight in The Netherlands

What’s the best way to spend those rainy Dutch afternoons? Staying in with lots and lots of good movies (and hot chocolate) of course. Since you’ve been living in Utrecht for a while now, it is time to learn some more about the Dutch language and culture. I’m sure you’ve learned a few sentences already, but to really improve your Dutch skills I recommend watching Dutch movies with English subs. This is truly the best way to learn any language, and lucky you, Dutch movies are great! I’ve selected a few of my favorite ones that are available with English subs, enjoy!

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