Famous paintings vs. Movies

Written by Gosia Here is the theme of Dutch art again, but this time painters vs. movies. There are several artists or works of art that became an inspiration for a script… and there were a lot of them. I will give three proposals, which may also convince those not particularly interested in this topic.... Continue Reading →

The most useless things to know

Written by Marije There is almost endless knowledge in the world and everyone can access this knowledge through internet, newspapers, films and socialization. This is actually pretty amazing and a lot of the information provided is useful. But there is also a lot of knowledge out there that makes absolutely no sense and is absolutely... Continue Reading →

Christmas Meals: Aruban Ayacas (Vegan)

By Claude Festive food is something most people look forward to when the Christmas season in nearing. It’s been quite fascinating for myself to figure out just how many meals and varieties of those meals are prepared around the world. Popular examples include Kūčios (Lithuania), Latkes (Israel), Christmas Goose (Germany), Panettone (Italy) and Tamales (Costa... Continue Reading →

Expierences of an Exchange student

An exchange semester or year in another country is always described as “the best period of your life”, a period which you will never get back and that you will forever remember, but it’s important not to forget that even while on exchange, life is still the same; it has its ups and down, plus... Continue Reading →

An artsy bicycle trip

what you can do, if the sun will still show up Are you the type of person who likes outdoor activities but enjoys visiting museums as well? Do you hesitate between catching the last rays of the sun or educating yourself? Well, the good news is that you can kill two birds with one stone. ... Continue Reading →

Let’s start running!

By Suzanne van Oss  With long days of cramming in the library, trying to stay awake in lectures or sitting behind your desk at your internship, it is important to find a way to clear your head and get rid of some energy. Going for a run is one of the easiest, accessible, flexible and... Continue Reading →

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