My favorite places in Utrecht

In Utrecht there are many places to visit and hang out, but some of them are not always easy to find. These two international students already have been living in Utrecht for a longer period of time. They will share their personal recommendations and favorite places with you! Jia Li (China) “I didn’t know Utrecht... Continue Reading →

The 5 most awesome cinemas in Utrecht you need to visit

Utrecht knows many nice cinemas, but some of these places aren't easy to find. That's why we have summed up the 6 most awesome cinemas for you. Next time when you want to go watch a movie with your friends, boy/girlfriend or date, you can easily pick your preferred cinema from this list! Louis Hartlooper... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Traditional Dutch Pancakes

Have you already tried the Dutch pancake? This whole-pan size pancake is much thinner than the traditional American pancakes (but not as thin as the French crepes) and tastes amazing! You can use both sweet and savory toppings to make your Dutch pancakes even more delicious. Buy the following cheap ingredients for the batter (2-3... Continue Reading →

Recipe: comforting lentil soup

During these freezing cold winter times, you preferably want to eat warm, comforting and filling meals. This healthy, delicious and vegan (say what!) lentil soup is easy to make and consists out of  lots of pantry ingredients. A perfect winter meal that fits every student budget! Ingredients (for 2 portions) A bit of olive oil... Continue Reading →

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