5 lessons you have learned during your time abroad

Time’s a bitch and your days abroad are numbered, so it’s time for some reminiscing! Your bank balance hit a new low Ouch yup, checking your bank balance during your time abroad is no fun. You’ve had so much to see and do and eat and explore and what not … Still at the same... Continue Reading →

Side-jobs for international students in Utrecht

Living the life as an international student is often amazing. Exploring local cultures, eating local foods, trying all the bars and making trips all around. However, all these activities do come with their costs and for many students, getting some extra money is always nice! Where to find these extra euros though? And where can... Continue Reading →

Who the hell is Willy?

Kingsday is coming up and you’ve probably heard all about this fantastic feast with orange, boats, parades and lots and lots of beers. Oh, and maybe the king? Yeah… well, the feast after all has been named after this good-humoured guy. More than about time to get to know more about Mr. Willem-Alexander van Oranje!... Continue Reading →

Fly to the sun in less than 4 hours

Are you sweating your way through the last tough week of exams and are you dreaming of a spring break on the beach with a cocktail in your hand? Search no further, because the JoCo did some daydreaming and came up with their 3 favourite European holiday destinations which will match all your criteria! Algarve... Continue Reading →

Bye bye daddy Miffy

Late Thursday the 16th of February, the beloved Dutch artist Dick Bruna, passed away in his sleep at the age of 89. Generations of Dutch children grew up with his timeless children’s books featuring his brainchild, Miffy (Nijntje in Dutch). To pay a tribute to Dick Bruna and Miffy the JoCo visited the Nijntje museum.... Continue Reading →

10 times Dutch bikes

Living in the Netherlands you’ve probably spotted all different kinds of weird scenes of people on bikes. People texting, carrying a crate of beer or a whole household on a bike are no exception. But have you also noticed the variety of bikes we’ve got moving around? Sit tight and immerse yourself into the amazing... Continue Reading →

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