Reminiscing to the introduction week

It feels as if it was only yesterday that I was stationed at Utrecht Centraal, armed with an ESN flag, a list of subscriptions and a chai latte. Mathilde and I were doing our shifts for the pick up service; We had colleagues stationed at Schiphol to guide the newly arrived international students to the... Continue Reading →

How to deal with the end of your Erasmus

Source The bittersweet feeling of going back home and being rejoined with your friends and family after such a long, but leaving behind the friends who became your family over here. Let’s face it: You might be going to your homeland, but The Netherlands is your homeland now too. Sure, you’ve cursed on the Dutch... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Dutchie land

It might sound funny to you, but when I was little I was never too excited over the Christmas days (yes, that's plural; the Dutch celebrate first and second day of Christmas on the 25th and 26nd). Like many other Dutch families mine celebrated Sinterklaas with gifts, and opted not to do any gifts for... Continue Reading →

Dutchies on ice

Despite being super Dutch growing up, I never really had a special bond with ice skating. When I was little and it was cold enough we used to go ice skating at the teeny tiny little water next to my house. If that water hadn't frozen over yet, but temperatures were just below zero my... Continue Reading →

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