The use of Dutch language in other, exotic countries

Although I know some of you think Dutch sounds like a yowling cat in heat or are too lazy to learn it because we’re speaking quite a few other languages; for me there are enough reasons to be proud of our own, small, original language. For the ones who took the effort to learn some... Continue Reading →

Lombok: Discover multicultural Utrecht

Opinion remains divided when it comes to the big coloured, lightning mosque on the head of Lombok, Utrecht. However, Lombok has got more to offer than this eye-catching building. I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for about 4 years already and can tell you all the (dis)advantages of this place. Leave the city centre and... Continue Reading →

Writer on location: Napoli

In my previous blog about how to spend the Easter Weekend, I told you about my plans: going abroad to Napoli (Naples). Did you ever hear about the saying ‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori’, or more understandable, ‘See Napoli and die’? Last weekend I visited Napoli, not to die, but to enjoy the sun and... Continue Reading →

5 fun twists on the classic hot chocolate

Classics are great,  but once in while we need some variation to make our lives interesting and to impress our friends. And yes, even when we’re talking about hot chocolate, there are a lot of fancy-ass possibilities! Aztec hot chocolate One of the greatest gifts to the world from Mexico is chocolate. The cocoa bean was,... Continue Reading →

Responsible Party

Too drunk to function at night and a hangover that doesn’t even let you function the day after? It can be funny, but it also   can be a real torture. And like our mothers always said: ‘Don’t drink too much, it’s dangerous and I’m not going to pick you up somewhere in the middle... Continue Reading →

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