Workouts, Yoga and Dancing from home

Keeping moving and staying in good shape is important at all times. Even though we can find it hard to motivate ourselves at the beginning, most of us would agree that in the end, after we’ve done that workout (short or long, with more or less suffering) we feel better, less stressed, pumped up with energy and our mind feels lighter, free from unnecessary thoughts.

Now that your gym, yoga studio or dance school is closed, you might find it hard to motivate yourself to do something from home. But if you look at it that way: You don’t have to go out of your house and cycle all the way to your studio. Most of the time, you just need a yoga/exercise mat (any soft support will also do), which everybody of us probably has some space for. 

YouTube and Instagram are currently filled with creative sports videos. There are so many, that you might not know which one to go for. That’s why we have selected some, that we personally like and that you might also enjoy! 

Videos are a great and easy way to get started with working out. Simply following the instructor’s voice and movements won’t make you quit that easily! After you have done a couple, you might also pick the exercises most suited for you and workout at your own pace. In any case, there are many types of workouts out there, so chances are high that you will find a good one for you and your mood. 

Currently, a popular YouTube channel for home-workouts is the one by Pamela Reif. Curious about testing this one out, I can say that her workouts are very effective and I like the fact that there is no excessive talking. The duration varies, but most of them are quite short, 10 minutes, some go up to 30 minutes. If you go to her youtube page you will find a range of different types of workouts, depending on what you want to train: Full body, legs + booty, abs, upper body and more! 

Another tip is Popsugar fitness, which offers workouts by fitness experts across strength, cardio, yoga and dance! Again you can choose a workout according to the duration, the level of difficulty (range from beginners to advanced) and depending on how much you want to sweat. For most workouts you don’t need equipment and the energy and positivity of the trainers will surely pump you up! 

More locally, Olympos, the sports center in Utrecht at De Uithof, also adjusted to the situation and posts new workout videos everyday! The diversity of videos is pretty impressive. For fitness, you can find kickboks bootcamp, core or cardio sessions. For those of you interested in stretching, they have a couple of Yoga, Pilates, “Sunday morning stretch” or “Mobility sunday” videos. And for the dancers among you, don’t miss the Dance fitness and Steps home workouts!

Sports should keep you fit, but it should also be a fun break from studying or sitting still. We hope that you find a workout that motivates you and boosts your mood. And of course, don’t forget to motivate your housemates, friends or family, to join you for even more fun.

Lastly, we are curious to know which workout you enjoy most, so don’t hesitate to share your favourite one in the comments below!

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