Send a Postcard to Everyone you Think Deserves it

Receiving a postcard is always nice. It means that someone has been thinking of you, and has put some effort into letting you know this. Also, a postcard often surprises you. Nowadays we don’t expect solid, paper mail anymore, but if you do get it you have to admit that you are often pleasantly surprised. 

In these times it is even more important to let people know that you are thinking of them. Being inside quite a lot and only seeing friends via video-chat, might stir feelings of solitude and loneliness and sending someone a postcard can really brighten their day. Even if someone is not lonely, it is still nice to be surprised and know that people are thinking of you and want to know how you are doing. So let’s write some postcards! 

Postcards work best if you make them personal. You often notice if a postcard is just a standard message, it misses some recognition or feeling. This is difficult of course, but try to think of a personal story that you share with the person you are writing to and go back to this moment. Make the whole postcard into a riddle or a drawing. You can even make the whole postcard yourself  (if you have time on your hands). 

Another really fun thing to do is send an envelope with little positive messages. These can be things you really like about that person, compliments, or tips on what to do. The receiver can read one message every day (thanks for the idea Frank & Mirre). This way you make someone happy and some good vibes for several days in a row. 

Sending out a bunch of postcards is a good way to spend an hour or so doing something else than watching Netflix. It triggers creativity and you are doing something good for someone else and for yourself. Chances are that you’ll hear back some way or another and you can look forward to a postcard or happy message in reply to your own. 

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