Declutter your Socials, Phone and Laptop!

Hopefully some of you guys got inspired by one of our blog posts a few days ago and decided to clean out your closet at home. Now we want to inspire you with a new challenge: declutter your socials, as well as your phone and laptop. Most of us have hundreds (if not thousands) of photos on our phone, unorganized folders on our laptop or a number of social media profiles, which we already wanted to unfollow some time ago.

Let’s start with our daily companions: our smartphones.

  1. Delete applications, which you do not use to save phone storage
  2. Create useful folders and rearrange your home screen 
  3. Place your pictures onto your laptop and delete them off your phone
  4. Maybe you also want to declutter your social media applications on your phone, as you tend to spend too much time on them while procrastinating
  5. Update your background picture to give the whole phone a new look

A useful tip at this point is to not load up each page of your phone, so you can keep a better overview. Also make sure to keep the most important apps on the first or second homepage, to access them easily. 

Now we can continue with our laptops.

  1. Create useful folders (maybe  like this: University, Work, Private, Hobbies,…) and add the right documents to each folder
  2. Clean out your applications installed on your laptop as well (you can uninstall them in the control panel)
  3. Take a look at your download folder and clean it out (to keep a better overview and safe storage)
  4. Sign into your email provider and check your regular and spam folder to unsubscribe from newsletters, which you do not wish to receive anymore

Another tip from us, is to make sure to give your documents, pictures or files generally a better name when saving them, so you can easily find them when searching for them in the future. 

At last, we also wanted to highlight the importance of social decluttering. For this part, we suggest you to look through your Facebook friends, Instagram followers or other social media acquaintances. Subconsciously we get influenced daily by the content we see on our social media timelines, so we want to inspire you to declutter your socials while using the following questions as a reference:

  • Am I still interested in seeing updates in this person’s life?
  • Am I still inspired by this person / this hashtag?
  • Do I feel good about myself when seeing this person’s posts?
  • Am I still active in these groups or on these pages?

We hope that this challenge inspired you to now also declutter your socials and start off the spring the right away; with a clean closet, a more organized laptop and phone and also decluttered social media profiles.

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