Let your creativity flow and design a mood board

We all had to fully change our daily routine these days. We cannot complete our daily gym sessions, hang with our friends in the park nor enjoy a chill afternoon in a cafe in the city. Everyone knows the struggle of creating a balanced daily schedule in times like this, but to give you a small boost, we want to encourage you to create your own mood board(s). Mood boards can be used for any new projects you started since being in quarantine or new ideas you want to achieve once this situation calms down and we can perceive our usual daily life activities. 

Based on an example, we will provide you with a short overview of how to create a moodboard in just 3 steps:

  1. Be clear of what you want to achieve!

In our example, we will focus on the goal of living a healthier lifestyle, as well as focusing on our hobby, photography. We want to try to introduce a more plant based diet, exercise daily, spend quality time with our loved ones (even if it has to be done through video calls these days), but also allow ourselves deserved us-time. 

  1. Collect inspirations!

Secondly, we need to collect inspirations of any kinds. These can be pictures from the internet, quotes from books or even spiritual Instagram profiles, or anything else you might think of. You can also select colors and fonts used in your mood board, to make everything as aesthetically pleasing as you like. 

Here you have the choice if you want to create your moodboard online (through free online tools or simply on a powerpoint slide) or offline (if you have a printer at home and can print your inspirations). 

Some sources for inspirations:

  • Simple google searches
  • Instagram feed, certain profiles or the explore page
  • Pinterest
  • Unsplash
  • Magazines
  • Personal pictures
  1. Arrange your inspiration and create your mood board!

In the last part, you need to arrange all gathered inspirations. You can collage different pictures, draw small doodles in between or use cut outs from magazines. If you are working on your mood board offline, make sure to first lay everything out before starting to put the different parts together, as you might still want to change the order.

And that’s it! It is as easy as that, to create an aesthetically pleasing overview of your goals (during and also after our time at home). You can share your created moodboards with your friends to discuss them and motivate each other, or you can hang them up in your room, as a daily reminder. But do not forget, you can interpret whatever you want into your moodboard, so give it a try!

To conclude this daily post, we wanted to share the result of the example above with you (created by our committee member Aerin): 

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