Clean out your Closet

Every morning I stand in front of my closet and I’m amazed by the clothes I’ve got. I really like every piece of clothing I have in there, but if I’m being honest I don’t wear half of it. Because I also stand in front of my closet every morning not knowing what to wear today and in the end, there are some specific pieces of clothing that I wear quite a lot and the rest I don’t really wear that often. 

So, what I’m going to do today is clean out my closet. Winter clothing and summer clothing. I’ll go through every piece of clothing and decide if I’m going to keep it or not. If you understand the problem that I’m talking about, join me in this major closet clean-up. 

There are some rules, because otherwise we’ll just end up keeping everything again:

  1. If you haven’t worn it for a year, you are probably not going to wear it again. (This is not the case for certain high-class fancy wear such as gala dresses and such. I have some things that I don’t wear because it is just too pretty and fancy for a regular day.)
  2. Toss out everything you have double. If some shirts, jeans, jackets or whatever are very much alike, choose your favourite. 
  3. Try on what you are not sure about straight away. If you see yourself in the mirror and don’t feel comfortable in it, toss it. You’re probably not going to wear it. 
  4. It might help to make 3 clear piles. The ‘keepers’, the things you are going to throw out and the ‘maybe’s’. When you are done, go through your maybe’s again and be really critical. Why would you want to keep it? If you don’t really know, toss it. 
  5. Be critical about some of your favourite clothes. I have some shirts that I really love but are just worn out. There are holes and stains and every time I think it is okay to wear it just once more. If you can fix or clean it, do that, but if not it is time to say goodbye. 
  6. It might also help to look at some of the clothing you are not sure about and think about someone you might know that would really like it. Sometimes the idea of making somebody really happy with your clothes is a final reason to throw it out instead of keeping it.

Even though I try to stick to these rules myself, I always end up with quite a lot of clothing back in the closet again. If you really want to clean out in a big way, try Marie Condo. You might have heard of her, she is this amazing woman who is very very good at throwing things away. And she is quite radical about it. There is a whole series on Netflix about how she does this. If you do clean up the way she does, I’m sure you will feel good about it once you are done. It gives you so much space in your room or closet and in your head. Plus, you’ll appreciate what you have left more. 

One last thing, the clothes you decide to throw out, don’t just throw them away. Donate them or put them somewhere they aren’t in your way and save them for a clothing-swap with friends or something like that. This way your old clothes are can make someone else very happy 🙂 

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