Start a Workout Challenge

If you look outside these days you can see a lot of people have suddenly started jogging or doing workouts in the park. It is nice to have a reason move every day, maybe get some fresh air  and to put some strain on your muscles instead of sitting still all day. That’s why we say: challenge yourself. 

There are heaps of apps, YouTube channels and even Spotify lists to help you with your challenge. For example, start running by using the Spotify running trainer. You can choose what you would like to train for, but for starters you can do an 8 week running program for 5k. There are also some apps to help you train (such as the Couch to 5k app) or to help you find the motivation to continue running by keeping track of how far and how long you have run (RunKeeper). This way you can see your own progress. 

For those of us who really don’t like running, I totally get you. I rarely find the motivation to get myself moving and when I do, I just don’t enjoy it so much. Although the feeling when I get back is pretty good. But, don’t fret, there are plenty of other challenges that you can do. Apps for ab training exist in plenty, such as the ‘Daily Ab Workout’. Or, if you want to train more than your abs only, go for a full workout. This only has to take 8 minutes a day! Maybe you will have to try different things and see what works for you. Like I didn’t do anything until I found a 30-day challenge that sent me push messages if I would forget. This way I did some exercise for 10 minutes a day and felt better for it after. 

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