Beer/Wine tasting

Let’s gather some friends online and have a nice evening with some good beers or wines. Our activity for today is pretty simple, but a lot of fun. Text your friends that you’re all having a beer/wine tasting tonight and make a small list of what everyone needs to get in the house. Everyone looks up the background of a beer or wine and tells the rest about it. Try to find the different flavours in that sip you just rolled around in your mouth. You can critique or praise what you are drinking and be social in a fun and safe way. We have put down some options for a beer tasting and a wine tasting below: 

Beer tasting: 
Let’s say you get 4 craft beers. This way you have enough for a good two hours of fun. We have thought of some recommendations for craft beers: 

  • La Chouffe: you’ve probably had it, but you’ve never really looked up what it is all about and analyzed it. Have a go with it! 
  • Brugse Zot: there is a blond, double and dark variant of this beer. The blond variant is  especially good. It tastes a little bitter sometimes but there are hints of fruit in there. 
  • Lowlander IPA: This is a special IPA as it is inspired by the Dutch sailors who went to Indonesia. With white tea and coriander it has a fruity and sweet flavour.
  • Affligem Tripel: the beer smells fresh and fruity and has a sweeter and bitter taste
  • Texels Skuumkoppe: this beer got its name through the white tops of the waves that surround the island of Texel and that form the island every day. That is why Skuumkoppe is a beer for every day of the year and every type of weather. It is also called a dark whitebeer which makes it different from many other beers. 
  • Get a local beer. You can often find them in the supermarkt and they are always something different and really good. 

If you want other beers, obviously just go for it. Just make sure everyone has the same ones. And don’t forget to use proper glasses. This really changes the taste of the beer. If it has no foam, the glass is not doing the beer justice and is probably dirty. Make sure to rinse your glass before the first beer and between every tasting.
One last little tip: you can also get a ‘proefpakket’ at many supermarkets if you don’t feel like thinking about it.

Wine tasting
For your wine tasting you just want to be sure you have some different wines. Start with a white wine such as a Pinot Griccio or a Sauvengion Blanc. You can then take a Rose if you want to make the switch to the red wines. Find a lighter fruitier red wine to begin with, maybe a Merlot or a Malbec. You can finish with a more heavy red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon. It is also a possibility to end with a good glass of Port (then you’ve also got something to drink for the coming two weeks), and Port becomes even better if you have some cheese with it. The taste of Port and cheese are really good together. I would say, knock yourself out! (not literally though…) 

By doing this creative tasting of some alcoholic beverages you will have a good afternoon or evening, a feeling that you’ve seen your friends again and it’s almost as if you have been at a bar together. You don’t even have to bike home! 

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