Pimp your Linked-In profile

Today’s tip is again for everyone who is interested to work on their professional career. Nowadays, business cards are out and updated LinkedIn profiles are in and necessary to connect with industry professionals. This is only one of many benefits from having an active profile on this networking platform. Another very important plus point for LinkedIn is the opportunity to find job offerings and internship positions through their international job board. 

You do not know HOW you should pimp up your profile? No worries! We have provided you with some ideas below, which you can easily work on from home.

  1. Choose the right profile picture (and if you do not have one, ask your roommates to help you create one)
  2. Add a background photo (this can either be a picture of your favorite city, your hobby or even your workplace)
  3. Be creative with your headline (not only mention your current studies or job title, but think about what you want other people to remember you for)
  4. Grow your network and connect with people besides Instagram or Facebook
  5. Spread the recommendations love (write recommendations for follow (study) colleagues and ask them to write you one as well)
  6. Take a skills assessment tests by LinkedIn and receive an official badge, which will increase your chance of getting hired by (international) companies 
  7. Make sure to personalize your LinkedIn URL, so people have an easier time finding you (here is a guide how you can change your URL in only 2 minutes!)

These are of course only a few tips and tricks to pimp up your LinkedIn profile, but if you have more ideas, then please leave them in the comments below! We hope to have given you some inspiration and motivation to explore this international networking platform. 

Lastly, if you are looking for more career related posts, you can find some ideas on our website as well: https://www.esn-utrecht.nl/career.

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