Scavenger hunt

Today it’s Sunday and here the weather is really great. It just calls for you to go outside and enjoy the sun on your face. From wherever you might be reading this, and if you do or do not feel the call of the great outdoors, we are going to organize a scavenger hunt today! It’s something to be creative in, , you can do it indoors or outside, you can make it as big as you want, you enjoy yourself and it’s fun for others

In the good old days I used to make scavenger hunts for my brother and sisters. This meant that I could use my organizational and bossy skills and that my siblings had a fun afternoon. I would write little notes with riddles of where the next note would be found. At the end of the hunt there would normally be some cookies or something. You can keep it really small if you want to, like if you have a big bookshelf you can even put notes in certain books and then make the next note refer to the next book, or you can make it really big and go all through the house, garden and park. 

The clues can be connected by riddles or by activities that the others have to do. For example, turn the whole hunt into a big workout whereby the ones joining only get the next clue if they perform the activity right. 

There are so many options with this activity, that it could be done every day of the week!! Make your siblings, family or flatmates happy with something to do on this Sunday and let your creativity flow! 

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