Free online courses from Ivy league Universities

As well as bars, clubs and other public institutions our universities are also closed until further notice. We still have to work on our group assignments and presentations, but HEY! we have great news for you, if you are interested to expand your knowledge in a completely different area than what you are studying!

Maybe you have heard about it already, but the 8 Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton,…)  offer more than 500 different (free) online courses for you to follow from home. The selection of courses range from Business, Computer science to Art & Design and many more! 

Most of their offered courses have an application deadline, as they have a set start date, but there are also a bunch of self-paced classes, so check them out right away and register for them, before you miss the deadline. Check out a detailed overview here, as well as any additional information.

If you are an ambitious student searching for new opportunities to educate yourself on a specific topic, we would highly recommend following one of these amazing online courses. As you might know, it is very difficult to get into an Ivy league university, as they are very selective, so use this chance to add new educational experience to your CV!

And if you are looking for a study buddy let us at ESN know, via Instagram DMs, which class you applied for, so we can motivate each other and exchange our experiences. 

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