Tonight it’s time for (more) relaxing: ESN Utrecht presents a Netflix party! Watch a movie from the comfort of your home, but together with others. Tonight at 20:30 the movie will start whereby you can tune in, watch the movie and chat with other ESN members who are also watching it. If you are thinking of joining, follow the link on the facebook page of ESN Utrecht 15 minutes before the start of the movie. 

If you just want a chill movie night but don’t feel like joining the ESN option, here are some nice netflix movies and/or series you can consider. You can still tune in with a couple of friends and watch it together from a distance. 

Want something new? 
Netflix has just released a new movie ‘All the Bright Places’. I know it from the book and that was really good. Also, tomorrow the new series ‘Letter to the King’ will be released. This is the story based on one of the best child books I’ve ever read. It’s about a boy who will become a knight, but in his final test somebody asks him for help and he cannot refuse. This leads to a series of adventures to get an important letter to the king. 

Want something funny? 
Maybe ‘Life of Brian’ is an option. The humor is a little out there and a little weird, but especially if you have been indoors for a while, it’s a good movie to watch. Looking for humor that is a little more sophisticated? Maybe you can (rewatch) ‘Bruce Almighty’ or ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. 

Want something weird?
I’ve just started this series ‘Glitch’. It’s Australian (the accent and scenery are quite obvious) and a little strange. Out of nowhere several people climb out of their grave in the middle of the night. Nothing wrong with them, no zombie-like features, just all of a sudden they are alive again. As you might expect this leads to some questions with the local doctor and police. Together they try to figure out why these people have come back and what to do now?

Want something dramatic? 
Take like any spanish series. They have this spanish drama that gets you hooked pretty fast. High sees or Chicas del Cable are pretty good examples. 
Or if you want to go oldschool you can just go back to Gossip Girl. Always dramatic, always a little too much, but absolutely amazing and glamorous every time! 

Want something classy? 
This movie is one of my personal favorites besides the fact that it is just a really, really good movie: ‘Les Miserables’ is something else. It is a movie you have to sit down for, and yes they will be singing the entire movie. But the story is beautiful and the story never gets old. Another story that never gets old is ‘Little Women’, just wanted to name this one despite the fact that it is not on Netflix.

Want a classic?
You’ve probably seen these ones already, but anyways if you are looking for classics ‘Forest Gump’ is always good, ‘Rain Man’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, the ‘Notebook’ or ‘the Bucket List’. Can’t go wrong there. 

Then I have just have to recommend some of my personal favorites: 
Burlesque: amazing, with Christina Arguleara singing, kind of a story that has been repeated later on, but the costumes and shows are too good to miss. And yes you can watch this movie with your lover although you might like it for different reasons. 
Sherlock: and then I mean the series. It is always a good one and always interesting how a mind like that works. 

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