Spring in Utrecht: Parks and Fresh air

By Deborah

March is finally here and that means only one thing: spring is coming!

Spring in the Netherlands is probably the best season because it starts raining a little less, the sun is out and there are thousands of flowers everywhere. 

As soon as the sun will start being a little more present during the day, you’ll see many locals eating outside and doing sports in parks. Here are some of the best places to see with the good weather in the Utrecht area!


This park is one of the biggest ones in Utrecht and it is a place where many sport groups meet up during spring and summer. On beautiful days it’s a lovely place to cycle, exercise or go for a stroll, and in the summertime many students and young families flock to the park for picnics and barbecues.

It is between Science Park and the city center, so it’s very easy and fast to reach by bike by pretty much anyone in Utrecht. It is also close to the Rietveld Schroder House, a very peculiar building that truly stands out for its extremely modern shape and colors that are completely in contrast with the surrounding area.

The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are open to the public from March 1st until December 1st and they are located at the heart of Utrecht Science Park. These gardens provide an unparalleled collection of plants from all around the world! This means that they are full of colors and a beautiful background for some of your best pictures!

In addition, if you’re a student at UU or HU the entrance is free so you have no excuse to miss on this amazing place.

Theehuis Rhijnauwen

This super cute tea house is located right next to the river Kromme Rijn and is surrounded by the woods of the Rhijnauwen estate. It has the best pancakes that you could wish for and you can have them both inside the restaurant or outside on their beautiful terrace right in front of the river.

After eating, you can take a stroll around the area and enjoy the sounds of nature and the colors of the spring. You might even meet their two donkeys and some goats!

Maarseveense Plassen

If it is getting warm outside and you are in need of some cooling down, you might want to go swimming! One of the best places near Utrecht to do this is de Maarseveense Plassen. This splash of water is found just outside of Overvecht, and it has a little beach (€4 entrance) or you can just choose a free spot on the grass where you can enter the water. Take a book and some snacks for a relaxed afternoon.

Keep in mind that the water is deep and cold and that it is bigger than it looks. So don’t try to swim it over in a bet. Trust me, it is not worth it.

Rijnauwen & Amelisweerd

This piece of nature is right next to the Science park and is good for all kinds of things. You can go walking, cycling, swimming, running or have a nice bite to eat.

It is called for two main buildings that stand here: the fort Rijnauwen which is part of the waterlinie buildings and the house of Amelisweerd that is an old vila. Both of them are worth to walk around and all of the nature between them are part of their old estates.

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