Clean out your Closet

Every morning I stand in front of my closet and I’m amazed by the clothes I’ve got. I really like every piece of clothing I have in there, but if I’m being honest I don’t wear half of it. Because I also stand in front of my closet every morning not knowing what to wear... Continue Reading →

Start a Workout Challenge

If you look outside these days you can see a lot of people have suddenly started jogging or doing workouts in the park. It is nice to have a reason move every day, maybe get some fresh air  and to put some strain on your muscles instead of sitting still all day. That’s why we... Continue Reading →

Join other peoples online class

Classes, lectures and group work continues despite the current crisis as much as possible. And although it is not always perfect, it is better than nothing. It gives some structure to the days that all seem to flow into one-another at the moment. The fact that everyone is now following classes at home also gives... Continue Reading →

Beer/Wine tasting

Let's gather some friends online and have a nice evening with some good beers or wines. Our activity for today is pretty simple, but a lot of fun. Text your friends that you’re all having a beer/wine tasting tonight and make a small list of what everyone needs to get in the house. Everyone looks... Continue Reading →

Pimp your Linked-In profile

Today’s tip is again for everyone who is interested to work on their professional career. Nowadays, business cards are out and updated LinkedIn profiles are in and necessary to connect with industry professionals. This is only one of many benefits from having an active profile on this networking platform. Another very important plus point for... Continue Reading →

Learn a TikTok dance

Haven’t we all spent too much time procrastinating on TikTok in the past months? Especially now that we spend more time indoors and behind our screens, instead of meeting up with friends and enjoying the warmer weather outdoors. Hold up right there, because we have a creative challenge for you! We dare you to stand... Continue Reading →

Scavenger hunt

Today it’s Sunday and here the weather is really great. It just calls for you to go outside and enjoy the sun on your face. From wherever you might be reading this, and if you do or do not feel the call of the great outdoors, we are going to organize a scavenger hunt today!... Continue Reading →

Make your own Gnocchi

It’s time for some soul food! One of our Journalism Committee members has been very productive while sitting at home and has made an amazing video on how to make your own Gnocchi (thanks Deborah!). What makes it even better is that it’s an actual italian recipe which makes it super authentic and even nicer.... Continue Reading →

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