Another Grey Day and That's Okay!

By Naomi I truly think that the Netherlands is a nice country to live in. The friendly people, the beautiful countryside, the charming houses in Dutch cities… When it comes to the weather though, things get a bit more complicated. It seems as if we would get 50 shades of grey – in terms of... Continue Reading →

Dutch Carnaval!

Written by Marije It is almost that time of the year again: the time to dress up as anything and go out on the street to celebrate! It is almost Carnaval! This weekend the streets will turn multi-colored and you won’t recognize anyone you might have known. That is… if you are in the south... Continue Reading →

Time for a little WorkOut

With the introduction being over and the fact that you getting pretty settled in this new city, it is time to find a place to keep up your strengths. The lifestyle of an exchange students takes a toll on your fitness and health. Party here, party there, lots of social activities and of course the... Continue Reading →

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