Going Green on a budget

By Deborah

Every little action counts, no matter how small it is.

We are living in a world that is telling us that we have been doing for the past decades has been wrong in too many ways and we need to stop as soon as possible. Being more eco-friendly is the first step towards a new world, but we all know that changing your habits can be very difficult and also pretty expensive.

Truth is, being eco-friendly does not have to involve spending a huge amount of money every time; on the contrary, it can actually make you save a lot!

Here are three small things that could help you and our planet.

1.     Don’t buy new stuff!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, for a present or for your home, don’t buy new things from stores; instead, buy used stuff! Sometimes universities (like the UU) set up a small “pop-up store” where you can donate your things and other people can get them either for free or for a very small fee. Always remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

2.     Make your own cleaning products

Store-bought cleaning products are extremely bad for our environment, but also for our wallets! Instead of buying cleaning products, you can make cleaners at homemade from ingredients like baking soda, castile soap ad vinegar: the ingredients are really cheap and it could help you save hundreds of euros a year.

3.     Visit local markets at closing times

Many farmers market end up throwing away a lot of food at the end of their day if they haven’t sold it, that is why sometimes they start selling them at really low prices or they might even give them out for free. If you don’t feel like waiting for something like this to happen, you can simply download the app Too Good To Go and buy a box from one of the stores that is offering them and pick up their leftovers: you can get a nice meal (I once got a whole continental breakfast at a hotel) and reduce our food waste!

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