The most useless things to know

Written by Marije

There is almost endless knowledge in the world and everyone can access this knowledge through internet, newspapers, films and socialization. This is actually pretty amazing and a lot of the information provided is useful. But there is also a lot of knowledge out there that makes absolutely no sense and is absolutely useless to know. Today I’m going to enlighten you with the most useless things to know. I bet you will remember these and think “wow, this is so useless.. I wish I could use this space in my brain to learn for my exam”. Well to bad for you! If you keep reading, the space is going to be filled!

For all the ladies reading this: the next time you plan a date, don’t plan it at half past three on a Wednesday afternoon. Women apparently look the oldest at this time of the week. 

Saudi-Arabia, a country most of us know as a desert, imports sand. 

If you are afraid of germs, skip this useless fact! Apparently a carton of milk from the supermarket contains milk from more than a thousand different cows. So every drop is from a different cow. 

The real name of Winnie the Pooh is Bear Edward.

When you eat a raw carrot, it is still alive. Can you imagine it screaming when you take a bite?

J.R.R Tolkien and Adolf Hitler both fought at the Battle of the Somme. I suppose they were on different sides, but they could have encountered at some time. Not that this would have changed anything in history. 

Cockroaches existed 120 million years before dinosaurs. These animals are extremely good in surviving. Pretty amazing that they still exist after all this time while species have died and come up again, empires have  fallen and wars have been fought. If they would have been able to write history down, we would have a huge source of information.

The helmets of astronauts have a piece of Velcro in it so they can scratch their nose. I never thought of the fact that astronauts can’t scratch their nose with that huge suit on.

An oyster can switch between being a male or a female. The sex of the oyster depends on the food that is available and the water temperature.  

In the western world people spend 14 hours and 39 minutes seated a day. I think that about the rest of the time we’re sleeping. So even those 30 minutes of movement a day are difficult to achieve 

I’m afraid of spiders so I didn’t like this fact: spiders can survive hours under water because they can bring themselves in a coma. So the whole idea of drowning a spider is useless. 

The entrance to the Tower of London used to be free, if you took a cat or dog to feed to the loins. 

Play-doo (the clay you played with as a kid) was originally made as a tool to clean the wallpaper. But I can tell you from personal experience, if you push it against the wall it sticks pretty good. 

On any random moment there are 45 million people drunk in the world. Cheers to that!

People have one more bone in their body than horses.

Until the early 20th century, having a left-handed partner was a legitimate reason for a divorce in Japan. 

I’m sure you are enlightened right now. So much facts that are there for no reason at all. And the best part: people actually did research to prove these statements! I have no idea what you will be able to do with this amazing new knowledge. Maybe you can win a quiz someday. 

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