Christmas Meals: Aruban Ayacas (Vegan)

By Claude Festive food is something most people look forward to when the Christmas season in nearing. It’s been quite fascinating for myself to figure out just how many meals and varieties of those meals are prepared around the world. Popular examples include Kūčios (Lithuania), Latkes (Israel), Christmas Goose (Germany), Panettone (Italy) and Tamales (Costa... Continue Reading →

Social inclusion in Utrecht: become a buddy!

For ESN, the past two weeks were all about social inclusion. There are many different ways in which you can help other people in Utrecht to eventually create a more inclusive society together. One way is to become a buddy of someone in need in Utrecht. There are a lot of different buddy projects with... Continue Reading →

Expierences of an Exchange student

An exchange semester or year in another country is always described as “the best period of your life”, a period which you will never get back and that you will forever remember, but it’s important not to forget that even while on exchange, life is still the same; it has its ups and down, plus... Continue Reading →

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