Let’s start running!

By Suzanne van Oss 

With long days of cramming in the library, trying to stay awake in lectures or sitting behind your desk at your internship, it is important to find a way to clear your head and get rid of some energy. Going for a run is one of the easiest, accessible, flexible and inexpensive ways to do this. If you do it more often, you can even take part in competitions.

Do you already feel exhausted by the idea of running? Has a minute never felt so long but that time you went for a jog? Read on. Because I used to not understand why people would sign up to run a certain distance for fun, and even so I did. And it was GREAT. 

To get you started, I found an expert who is willing to give you some insider tips. Imke Kooijman studies physiotherapy and exercise therapy and she successfully ran a marathon this spring. Her advice is: when you start running, please start slow! When you start too fast you will be out of breath within seconds, and that’s not fun. Start slow, if it’s too easy you can always go faster. This is also a big mistake made at events where some people start-off too fast to run along with the fastest, only to find they cannot keep up with the pace the whole run. Your breathing is right if you can still have a conversation while running. And that’s a great thing as well: running together while having nice talks is the best motivation you can get. On the internet you can find multiple running schedules to guide you. Imke recommends this one from ‘de Hartstichting’ that interchanges running with walking. 

And finally, it helps to sign up for a running event because this will motivate you to train to get ready for a specific date. It can also be a nice way to get to know the Netherlands as events take place all across the county! 

On October 6, there was the ‘Singelloop’ where runners were taken along the canals of Utrecht for 5 or 10 km. As you could run on the bus and car lane you had a view you normally never have of the city, and of course a lot of music and ‘gezelligheid’ along the way. Urban trial runs are also nice to try out. An urban trial run will take you by and even THROUGH the highlights of a city (so you will actually run through buildings!). In this way you can combine being sporty and exploring our beautiful country. ☺ 

UPCOMING events suitable for beginners: 

Utrecht night run – Friday, November 22– 8 KM 

Urban trial run Haarlem – Sunday, November 10 – 5/10 KM 

Urban trial run Arnhem – Sunday, November 24 – 5/10 KM 

Urban trial run Maastricht – Saturday, November 30 – 5/10 KM 

Urban trial run Eindhoven – Sunday, December 8 – 5/10 KM

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