Utrecht’s finest Kingsday celebrations

It’s almost the 27th of april which means we get to celebrate the birthday of our Dutch king (a.k.a Willy)! The whole country is filled with festivities and people travel here from diffferent countries to celebrate the famous orange day in the Netherlands. To make sure you know where to drink your beers and do some dancing, I will share some things to do in the beautiful city of Utrecht!


The party starts the night before the actual party, so from the evening of the 26th there is already a lot going on. If you are in for techno music you can go to Central Studios or WAS. If you just want party music you can go to any club or café you normally go to. For tropical music EKKO is the place to be and Filmcafé hosts a silent disco. If you want a mix of different kinds of music you should visit Tivoli Vredenburg. They host Knaldrang festival and all the different venues are open with different concepts.


During Kingsday most of the venues that host parties at night will also be open during the day. Next to that there will be parties on different squares in the city. The biggest one will be on Janskerkhof with DJ’s playing dance music. Next to Janskerkhof also Neude and Domplein will host parties so make sure to check it out! When you are done partying there is also the ‘vrijmarkt’ to spend your time at. This is an area in the city centre where everyone can sell their old stuff. You can find the vrijmarkt at the streets in the northern part of the centre. In Utrecht the vrijmarkt already starts during Kingsnight, so you can check it out from the 26th of april from 18.00 till the 27th 18.00.

The whole centre of Utrecht will be filled with festivities and people partying during the night and day so you can just stroll around the city and you will find a nice place to spend your time at. Happy Kingsday!

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